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Camping Arkeo has not been around very long. Until a few years ago, the campsite was still called Les Gardenias, and it was filled with mobile homes. We are working to transform the somewhat outdated campsite into a beautiful place in nature.

How it started

In August 2019 we (Arthur, Tycha and dog Sam) first came to camping Arkeo. We immediately thought it was a beautiful place. At the end of that season, the then owners decided to sell the campsite. We have always dreamed of our own campsite and seized this opportunity. We started a crowdfunding campaign in a small circle, and eventually managed to buy the campsite with the support of friends and family. Awesome! The official transfer took place on Februari first 2020 and then our adventure started.

We have removed a lot of caravans or moved them to a different part of the campsite. In the vacant places we planted grass, shrubs and flowers, and we made room for a large terrace with a cozy bar. We have also renovated the sanitary block, with wonderfully warm showers.

In a few years we see camping Arkeo as a place that is completely immersed in nature. So no demarcated pitches and mobile homes, but lots of flowers and shrubs, and as much view of the river as possible. 

Welcome to this little paradise!

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